Home 化妝品 【#溶妝 測試】16小時不溶妝 #makeup #化妝品 #護膚品 必須精心挑選適合自己

【#溶妝 測試】16小時不溶妝 #makeup #化妝品 #護膚品 必須精心挑選適合自己

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#溶妝 測試
#化妝 #化妝造型 #化妝教學 #化妝步驟 #粉底 #定妝 #化妝師 #香港化妝師
很多女士很擔心化完妝會 溶妝。
~可以分享一點,如果夏天或溫度高所選用的 #粉底 包括 #護膚品 盡量選擇不含太多油份,因為油性的物料好容易吸熱。
~所選用的護膚品及 #化妝品,必須適合自己皮膚性質。

Dissolving #makeup test
Love reminder~
Hot air must never be blown directly into the eyes.
Many women are worried that the makeup will melt after applying makeup.
~First of all, be sure to relax after putting on makeup, because when you are nervous, your body temperature will increase and it will also cause makeup dissolution problems.
~ You can share a little bit, if the foundation used in summer or the temperature is high, including skin care products, try to choose too much oil, because oily materials are easy to absorb heat.
~ The skin care products and cosmetics you choose must be suitable for your skin.
~ The most important thing is to attend indoor or outdoor environment and weather temperature in different places… The nature of cosmetics and skin care products must be appropriately replaced.

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